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ECOGRID® meets all the requirements of an environmentallycompatibleground reinforcement system, without sealing the soil.The recycled and durable tiles made of pure polyethylene are alsoabsolutely environmentally neutral.With an area of 1.33 m² per module and a low net weight, layingcouldn’t be easier.

If necessary, several thousand square metresof ground reinforcement can be laid in just one day.As soon as the patented connection system clicks into place, asingle uninterrupted flat surface is created – piece by piece. Theload spreading design reliably prevents the edges of individualtiles from protruding and prevents hollows or even subsidencefrom occurring. 

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You decide how you want to use ECOGRID® – the possibilitiesare practically endless. Whether for equestrian sports or golf, ingarden design, landscaping or road construction, for roof gardensand, most recently, even for military purposes.

You’ll find a use forECOGRID® almost anywhere.Thanks to its excellent ground-reinforcing properties, e.g., in thecase of field hospitals and tented cities in crisis areas, ECOGRID®has even been awarded NATO certification!

Thanks to ECOGRID®, major events are now more fun foreveryone – even when the heavens open! Open air spaces turninginto quagmires are now finally a thing of the past.The ECOGRID® cells allow excess water to drain away quickly andeffectively prevent the sub-surface from softening and becomingmuddy.

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