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Block Paving & Pattern Imprint Concrete Sealer (25l)

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A professional grade, ready-to-use, high solids, clear concrete sealant. For more than 15 years this product has been used to seal the nation’s driveways, paving, car parks, forecourts, pedestrian walkways, etc., Idea for use as:

  • Block Paving sealer
  • Patio and paving flags
  • Imprinted Concrete sealer
  • Tegular setts, etc.



Light to medium trafficked areas; with correct maintenance and depending upon surface type, potentially ECOSeal has a 10 years plus life expectancy. The colour will remain for 1 – 2 years although protective effect will remain for longer, potentially 4 – 6 years, depending upon surface type.

A major design feature of this product is that it is easily re-coatable and does not need stripping before future treatment as maintenance coats cross link into original forming a monolithic layer. Down time is minimised with rapid cure additives. Fading of the colour and reduction in protective effect take place more rapidly in heavily trafficked areas and these areas can be easily ‘touched up' without the need to strip the original coat. Lower trafficked areas will only need retreating very occasionally, if ever.


  • Spreads easier and dries quicker for faster, high quality, installation
  • Excellent inter-coat adhesion for speedy application and a harder wearing surface
  • Excellent resistance to rain spotting 
  • Tyre plucks and flaking are virtually unheard of
  • 100% UVA Fade resistant
  • Increased impact and abrasion resistance prolong life span
  • High resin solids content (we do NOT use fillers, thickeners or extenders)
  • Excellent coverage – 5-8 m2 per litre per coat 
  • Prevents staining and stabilises sand joints in block paving
  • Attractive sheen on block paving and a medium gloss finish on Imprinted concrete
  • Early use on new, dry, block paving helps prevent white powdery staining (efflorescence)


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