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Our EcoBound UVR multi packs come with the stone and resin you need to create a variety of popular colours. EcoBound UVR is a premium grade resin which is more resistanat to the fading or discolouration which may arise from the naturally occuring effects of ultraviolet light waves within sunlight. The Pebble Mill reccomend that when choosing a silver or black stone our UVR resin is used to reduce any discolouration.

Each bundle gives you enough stone and resin to cover 4.5m2 at a depth of 15mm which is thick enough to lay on a driveway, path or patio. We recommend that the 4.5 bags of stone should be mixed with every Part-A and Part-B resin to give a stong mix.

1 x EcoBound UVR Part A Base Resin

1 x EcoBound UVR Part B Activator

1 x EcoBound 250ml Catalyst

4.5 x Dried Aggregate Stone Mix

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