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Winter Pack 1

SKU: 001-063

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This winter pack offers you two of our most popular products at a reduced price! So why not save yourself some money and get prepared for winter all in one go!

Our Ice Melt product will keep your paths, patios and driveways clear for up to 24 hours. Ice melt doesn't corrode metals or concrete and is non-toxic for humans, pets and vegetation. This fully biodegradable product comes in a 7.5kg tub which covers, on average 6 x more area then rock salt!

This product can be applied before snowfall to prevent settling and the formation of ice and its small container means it's easy to store and carry to the problem area.

Our snow shovel has a handle 1.2 meters long which makes it excellent for clearing small to medium size areas. The strong plastic scoop has a metal lip to ensure a long product life and gives added strength when shovelling snow.


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